What is Suggestopedia?

Before the Mozart effect there was suggestopedia!

" Suggestopedia (in its new desuggestive development as well) is a science for developing different non-manipulative and non-hypnotic methods for teaching/learning of foreign languages and other subjects for every age-group on the level of reserve (potential, unused) capacities of the brain/mind. That means: at least three to five times faster, easier and deeper learning, inner freedom, increasing the motivation for learning, joyful learning and psycho-physiological well-being. The effectiveness as well as the benefits of the genuine method have been confirmed by the most prestigious international commissions and scientists. The genuine method has been also officially tested and highly evaluated from one international expert group of UNESCO that recommended the method to be applied all over the world." Lozanov

"Suggestopedia is one of the teaching methods developed by Bulgarian psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov based on the study of Suggestology. The method has been used in different fields of studies but mostly in the field of foreign language learning. Lozanov claimed that by using this method one can teach languages approximately three to five times as quickly as conventional methods.

The theory applied positive suggestion in teaching when it was developed in the 1970s. However, as improved, it has focused more on “desuggestive learning” and now is often called “desuggestopedia.” [1] Suggestopedia is the latest of the six major foreign-language teaching methods known to language teaching experts (the oldest being the grammar translation method.) The name of Suggestopedia is from the words “suggestion” and “pedagogy.” Wikipedia



 Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


“When you feel anxious or irritated, instead of fretting or going round worrying others, just calm down. Start by controlling your breathing, then say a word with love, do something with love, send a loving thought, and you will see that what was brewing inside you and turning sour has been washed away. In asking love for help, you have opened a spring within you, and now you can leave love to do its purifying work. You see, it is quite easy, you only have to open up your heart to let love come flooding in. Try it, and you will wonder why you never tried it before. We hear love spoken of, and we make fun of it, and play around with it, instead of using it as the most effective means of salvation.”

"Meditation has become fashionable lately. More and more people meditate, or so it would seem. But what can such meditation without any preparation bring them? How can they meditate if they do not have a high ideal, if they have not relinquished their whims, their debauched living, their disordered thoughts and desires, their wine and their tobacco? They say they meditate. And what is the subject of their meditation? Money, power, a man or woman they might seduce? They cannot meditate on celestial subjects because they do not have an ideal with which to tear themselves away from ordinary, animal life, and to pull them up to heaven. Be quite clear on this: you cannot meditate unless you have conquered certain weaknesses and understood certain truths. And not only are you not able to, it is even dangerous to try."

"Disciples who do not know how to behave towards their master because they are unaware of what role a master can play in their lives, prevent their master from being as useful to them as he could be, as he would like to be, and they thus hamper their own progress. It is up to disciples to discover what their relationship should be with their master, how they should regard him and behave towards him. It is not up to the master to make recommendations on this subject. A true master is content with simply giving his teaching; he leaves his disciples free. He will never say: 'You must respect me, admire me, obey me.' No, never. First of all because it would be useless to do so, since respect, admiration or obedience cannot be imposed. Secondly because the master does not need to; he has other sources of joy and satisfaction. It is up to disciples to find the best attitude to adopt towards their master for the sake of their evolution."

"History has known so many revolutions! How many times have human beings experienced changes! And yet the situation has not really improved. Why? Because in spite of these changes, people have not freed themselves from the vicious circle of their lusts and badly controlled instincts. No situation will really improve if mentalities do not improve. People have to leave the region of their lower appetites for changes to become true improvements. If they continue to utilise the same defective materials with the same polluted elements, whatever  combinations they may consider, human beings will keep on living in the same disorder and tribulation." Prosveta Publications


Master Peter Deunov a.k.a Beinsa Douno 


"When I speak about God, I refer to the Sacred -- One Reality -- which can be experienced everywhere. If you search for Him, you will experience Him in man, in the animals, the plants, the air and the water, as well. Some think that many people love them: their father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends. In reality this is not so. If you think that many people love you this only appears to be so. You are loved by only One: God. As soon as God comes to love you, all people will love you."

"Prayer is the most powerful act in the human life. It concentrates on one's thoughts, feelings and will. Such a prayer is mighty. It works miracles. Prayer is the most beautiful work! It is a conversation with God. When you get up in the morning, direct your consciousness to the higher Reality. After that, independent of what you are doing, studying or hoeing, address the invisible World for help. If, instead, you immediately start to labor in the morning, you forget about the great Reality, about the forces of Higher Reason in nature. Man must pray. He must work on himself to be ready for the new which is coming into the world. How long should you pray? Incessantly. Prayer does not imply that you need to stop and pray the whole day. You can be in motion and pray at the same time. Work does not exclude prayer. You can pray constantly. Wherever you are, in whatever situation you may be, take a half-hour or an hour to think about God. In such a way, your consciousness expands. To think about the Supreme Conscious Origin, about the Supreme Center of Creation, is worth more than all the material wealth on earth."

"Listen to the still small Voice which speaks to your hearts. This is God's Voice. On the earth, there is not one human being to whom this Voice does not speak. If you apply love, the Angels will start visiting you every day and will bring you a love letter sent from your great Father."

"If someone does good works, but says, "I did this because I am a good person," he is incorrect. He needs to tell himself: God did the good through me. Man should do good for God and not for those things that people might say about him. He should do good without expecting anything in return for himself. Man is good only because the Divine which dwells within him is good."

"To man belongs only that which God has given him. Only that which he has been born with -- the mind, the heart, the soul and the spirit which God has given him -- are his. Be aware of the idea of the private property which suffocates man. To be the first in the world, to be the strongest, the richest -- these are the ideas of the private property. Wealth is a common bounty. It is a result of the activities of all Advanced Beings. What farmer can say that the fruits are really his? Along with him, have worked oxen, horses, hired laborers. Also, all the variables of nature have assisted. Therefore, the wealth in the world is a result of the combined efforts of all beings. No one can say that the wealth is his alone. It is not allowed that you build your happiness on the unhappiness of others."




Often times we are caught up in life having to meet deadlines, provide for our family, and keep a socially acceptable persona while we miss the opportunity to face our most inner needs. In an age when everything is fast paced, we become accustomed to the flow of external events which in return molds our personality to fit different situations. As time goes by, we lose objectivity and become marionettes of the necessity to please and perform in order to meet societal demands. There will be no outer change in our life without an inner transformation. A person needs to mindfully transform from one state into another whether that is on a mental, emotional, or a spiritual level. Notice that I say mindfully because many of us are not attentive to our inner state of being and its true spiritual desires. We may acknowledge that we get sad, angry, happy, and aroused, but rarely do we acknowledge that things around us and even our thoughts and feelings are transitional. Once we realize this, we can have greater control of our spiritual self. In this respect, here I refer to spiritual self as our inner being.

 Some people consider that to be our soul. It is our everyday ego-self that goes through life’s changes. This easily afflicted self is our personal character filled with fear, doubt, depression and anxiety which endures a never-ending struggle. In spite of all of the difficulties life presents us, there is a possibility for a healthier lifestyle and equilibrium that can be reached in the present moment. This state can be achieved only though conscious effort on our part. It is easier to go through life moody, inebriated, or angry than it is to practice mindfulness. Our spiritual self is there to remind us that life is filled with obstacles that are just mere lessons to be learned along our journey.

Anytime you feel that you are going through something difficult to bear, think that you may have already gone though a similar situation in the past. If you believe in past lives, you can even take it further and acknowledge that one lesson is repeating itself in this life until you start to pay attention and make the necessary change. There is no stagnation in nature and everything is happening in the present moment. Our ignorance does not allow us to see the lesson behind each experience in the present. This causes us to become bitter by grieving for past opportunities, staying attached to current situations, or living recklessly anticipating a better future.  Guru in Jeans



 God is a Living Spirit! God cannot die- neither can you!

God is inside of you and everywhere else!


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