Rossi Davis, Psy.D, LPC, Cht

Dr. Rossi Davis is a Licensed Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Southern Vermont College, Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Georgia School of Professional Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies. Her areas of interest include: couple and family counseling, parenting issues, the mind body connection, depression, anxiety, bereavement/grief, self-esteem and spirituality issues. She was born and grew up in Eastern Europe.

She is the author of: Couple’s Communication Made Easy, My Kid is acting out and I am about to shout: Effective Parenting Made Easy, Guru in Jeans: Inward Journey to Psychospiritual Awakening, Curly & Grandpa, How to Be a Good Supervisor & other titles. Dr. Davis was a parenting expert guest on Kim Iverson’s radio show on 3/30/2011.













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